Jerry Malloy Negro Baseball League Conference

Detroit, Michigan – July 22nd 2023, Charles Collectibles and Books LLC served as the exclusive vendor for the Society of Baseball Researchers (SABR) 2023 Jerry Malloy Baseball League Conference. Members and non-members alike gathered in Detroit to celebrate and discuss its annual salute to the players of the Negro Baseball League.

The conference kicked off with a meet and great at the recently renovated Hamtramck Stadium, once home of the Detroit Stars. To coincide with the Detroit Tigers Salute to the Negro Leagues Detroit Stars, parts of Tiger stadium incorporated tributes to MLB and Negro Baseball League Norman Turkey Stearns, Andy Cooper and Pete Hill. Fans of the Negro Baseball League traveled as far as Dever, Colorado and Montreal, Canada. Panels were moderated by local and national SABR members like Gary Gillette, Sherman Jenkins, James E. Brunson, Leslie Heaphy, Phil S. Dixon and Ted Knorr.

Attendees of the conference and the general public had an opportunity to purchase Negro League Tees, Caps, Jerseys, trading cards and Collectibles from Charles Collectibles and Books LLC known as CCandbooks. Although a site has not been selected for the 2024 Jerry Malloy Negro League Baseball Conference, mark your calendar for a memorable event.

Charles Young owner CCandBooks - Jerry Malloy Negro Baseball League Conference