Charles Young Founder and President of Charles Collectibles and Books, LLC
Donate A Book To A Child Campaign

Charles Collectibles and Books, in partnership with Naomi Books LLC, sponsored a reading contest in July 2022. Students in 1st through 5th grades across the United States were tasked with reading as many books as possible and answering a series of questions about each book read. Two of our three contest winners recently shared pictures and a video of their book bounty. Our grand prize winner Marquis is a 2nd grader who read an amazing nine books during our contest period in July. Jacob and Morgan tied in the number of books they read. It is great seeing young people take an interest in literacy at such an early age. Congratulations to the parents for fostering literacy in their children.

Charles Collectibles and Books LLC is introducing our Donate A Book to a Child campaign in an effort to enhance early childhood literacy. This year-round program will provide books to readers from pre-k to those at a 5th grade reading level. Monetary donations of any denomination will be accepted towards our community effort to provide children educational resources that reflect their cultures and communities. CCandBooks firmly believes that all youth deserve to see themselves represented in the books they read.

For every three books you purchase, one will be given to a non-profit organization such as The Boys and Girls Club of Metropolitan Detroit, Cass Community Services–an area unhoused shelter and transition center, and Developing K.I.D.S. of Detroit. Upon a successful roll out of this program locally, CCandBooks will launch this program in other cities throughout the United States.

In support of your contribution, CCandBooks will give you a 20 percent off discount toward a future purchase. This offer does not include gift cards or prior purchases.

2022 Summer Reading Contest Winner Marquis Ramnon and 2nd Place Winner Morgan