Charles Young Founder and President of Charles Collectibles and Books, LLC
Founder and President
Charles Young

Charles Young is a native of the District of Columbia and a graduate of a historical HBCU The University of the District of Columbia. As I migrated to Michigan and had two kids with my wife, I noticed the lack of diversity in African American books and other resources in traditional marketplaces for school aged children. The idea to create and operate a mobile bookstore and now online bookstore was created.

Since 2006 when Charles Collectibles and Books was established, we combined my desire to promote literacy in our community and my interest in the history of the Negro Baseball Leagues and to promote HBCU's to young children. My grassroots effort to promote and enhance literacy in underserved communities of color filling the representation void and to help strengthen community education and literacy goals. I worked with the Barney McCosky Baseball and Basketball League of Detroit, Michigan renaming the baseball teams after the Negro Baseball Leagues and the basketball teams after HBCU's; while supporting a tutoring program in conjunction with St. Suzanne Cody Rouge Community Center.

After nearly 16 years in business, we are proud of our work in the community and surrounding area and we look forward to continuing our legacy of service.

Charles Collectibles and Books, LLC

Charles Collectibles and Books is an online bookstore featuring African American books for children and adults of all ages. We are located in Detroit, Michigan.

For over 16 years, our bookstore has offered a wide array of books, puzzles, t-shirts, and other memorabilia to communities throughout the Midwest.

Our primary goal is to provide books and other resources which promote literacy in the African American community. We strive to promote healthy and positive self esteem for people of all ages by displaying positive images which look like us.

In addition to a wide array of learning materials, we also specialize in Negro Baseball League, Black College, Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldier, Black Fives Apparel and memorabilia.